Storm Lake Dollars for Scholars prepares to honor ‘21 grads

Friday, February 19, 2021

You are invited to participate in the community-wide effort to provide scholarships for our graduating Class of 2021 seniors with a tax-deductible donation.

Last year, members of the Storm Lake Dollars for Scholars Chapter of Scholarship America were pleased to announce the names of the 70 high school seniors who had been awarded scholarships totaling $50,275.

This amount includes 16- $600 and 54- $400 Chapter Scholarships which were generated through our community campaign, as well as 28 Sponsored Scholarships from a variety of community donors.

$600 Chapter Scholarships:

Cathleen Manivong, Skylar Cole, Tyler Dvergsten, Jessica Slight, Karla Ramirez, Guadalupe Morales Aguilar, Joceline Medina, Samuel Peters, Ana Sanchez-Rojo, Lessly Ortega, Chase Hurd, Taylor DeMey, Raul Arevalo Ramirez, Colton Dreith, Fletcher Kucera, and Cole Kleespies.

$400 Chapter Scholarships:

Sandra Ramos, Shania Cisneros, Yuselin Vazquez, Edgar Renteria Paz, Caesar Mena, Erick Mancillas-Salazar, Bradley Mattson, Marcos Rosales, Kole Wiegert, Elijah Santellan, Samantha Louwagie, Ka Ying Vang, Briana Marroquin, Sally Henry, Kiwon Ioanis, Jessica Soria, Katiana Jepson, Nayeli Zavala Medina, Valentin Ventura-Morales, Vanesa Alday, Hsar Shee, Austin Knapp, Vanessa Ventura, Alondra Rangel, Beauna Thammathai, Anny Mulgae, Jose Lopez, Perla Arreguin, Jaime Moral, Jaley Butler, Adrian Placido, Megan Coyle, Alex Mueggenberg, Antonio Gonzalez, Martin Games, Isaac Stone, Ka Ying Yang, Grace Murray, Bway Ku, Beatriz Espino, Theing Soe, Samuel Gonzalez, Daniel Mendoza, Fransisco Gonzalez-Vasquez, Luis Villegas, Macy Khamnoy, Kenya Sanders, Xavier Limon, Tegan Mattson, Nathan Souksay, Esteban Huerta Duran, Mickey Phompong, Cobe Berglund, and Seth Berglund.

Sponsored Scholarships:

Megan Coyle- Anita Daniels Memorial $500

Daniel Mendoza- Anita Daniels Memorial $500

Sandra Ramos- Anne Gallagher Memorial $500

Ana Sanchez-Rojo- Anne Gallagher Memorial $500

Cathleen Manivong- Bernice Kolb Memorial $500

Raul Arevalo Ramirez- Bernice Kolb Memorial $500

Jaley Butler- Brent Croker Memorial $300

Chase Hurd- Don Richardson Memorial $500

Elijah Santellan- Floyd and Dorcas Kallmer $500

Austin Knapp- Frank T. & Joan L. Smith Memorial $300

Edgar Renteria Paz- I&S Group $500

Tyler Dvergsten- I&S Group $500

Alondra Rangel- Joan Vilas Memorial $500

Joceline Medina- John Massop Memorial $500

Samuel Peters- Kristen Kelley Zoucha Catholic Leaders $500

Isaac Stone- Kyle Drey Memorial $500

Vanessa Ventura- Marjorie Troxel Fratzke Memorial $500

Sandra Ramos- STARS Mentoring Program $300

Shania Cisneros- STARS Mentoring Program $300

Cathleen Manivong- STARS Mentoring Program $300

Briana Marroquin- STARS Mentoring Program $300

Sally Henry- STARS Mentoring Program $300

Kiwon Ioanis- STARS Mentoring Program $300

Vanesa Alday- STARS Mentoring Program $300

Jaime Moral- STARS Mentoring Program $300

Adrian Placido- STARS Mentoring Program $300

Lessly Ortega- STARS Mentoring Program $300

Lessly Ortega- P.E.O. Scholarship $1000

Jessica Soria- Pat Fisher Memorial $500

Valentin Ventura-Morales- Porsch Family $500

Francisco Gonzalez-Vasquez- Randy D. Smith Memorial $300

Chase Hurd- Raymond Taphorn Memorial $475

Karla Ramirez- Robert E. and Alice Mailliard Memorial $500

Guadalupe Morales Aguilar- Security Trust & Savings Bank $500

Chase Hurd- Stalcup Agricultural Service $300

Jessica Soria- SLCSD Administrative Team $500

Skylar Cole- Storm Lake Education Association $500

Yuselin Vazquez- Storm Lake Education Association $500

Hsar Shee- Storm Lake Hy-Noon Kiwanis $300

Taylor DeMey- Storm Lake Hy-Noon Kiwanis $300

Jessica Slight- Storm Lake Rotary $350

Samuel Peters- Storm Lake Rotary $350

Marcos Rosales- United Bank of Iowa $500

Samuel Peters- United Bank of Iowa $500

Ka Ying Vang- United Community Health Center- $300

We wish to say thank you to all of the contributors listed below who helped to make last year’s campaign a success. A total of $10,496.00 was raised in the 2019-2020 community campaign.

Donor list:

Scholars Club ($5-$24)
Wayne and Bernie Andrews, Mary and John Cullen, Jennifer Hecht, Norma Juhl, Andy and Lisa Hurd, BarbaraMovall, Connie Salas, Jan and Kevin McKenna, Pilot Tribune, Storm Lake Times

Honors Club ($25-$49)

Rick and Janet Anderson, Therese and Steven Becker, Ryan and Courtney Berg, Kevin and Kate Besch, John and Roxie Broadstad, Russ and Amy Chrischilles, Rod and Linda Dierking, Steve and Diane Frank, Larry and Linda Hecht, Tim and Shelley Hohneke, Jon and Danuta Hutchins, Randy and Dixie Johnson, Gary and Linda Kessler, Maxine and Richard Lampe, Ed and Mary Larsen, Pat and Carol Lenhart, Cheryl Lustgraaf, Tom and JaneMcClinton, Patti and Jon McKenna, Nelda Nelson, Pat Richard, John and Carole Sebben, Megan Thompson, Dr. Bruce and Helen VanderKooi, Andriette Wickstrom, Robert L. Wilson, Ray and Mary Wolf, Bev and Dale Wordekemper, Dee Lewis, Gordon and Bev Miller, Michael and Barbara Wells, Buena Vista University-UMC, Buntrock-Salie Photography, Murray & Murray, PLC
Graduates Club ($50-$99)
Richard and Kim Anderson, Matt and Katie Brostad, Richard and Becky Dirkx, LaVerne Grigsby, Dan and Cris Hegarty, Keith and Debbie Hultgren, Jeff and Jordan Jorgensen, Mike and Kim Kelly, Jeff and Jane Kestel, Juli Kwikkel, Craig and Beth Lamoureux, Bill and Leigh Laven, Harlan and Deb Matasovsky, Kevin and Julie McKinney, Ann and Mark Meyer, Ron and Deb Netten, Robert Ohrlund, Eloise Prichard, Betty Richardson, Kirby and Linda Roberts, Clara Samuelson, Randy and Donna Sennert, Wanda Sievers, Dave and Connie Skibsted, Al and Rhonda Slight, Steve and Becky Stille, Kari Stuckel, Clair and Carol Thompson, Jon and Karen Hixon, Ed and Kathy O’Toole, Mark and Dawn Prosser, Dan and Julie Sievers, Buena Vista Veterinary Clinic, Citizens First National Bank, Fratzke & Jensen Funeral Homes, Leo’s Kitchens Inc
Masters Club ($100-$149)

Dan and Ronda Bacon, Stan Bochtler, Steve and Terry Brashears, Al and Kathi Buckingham, Phyllis Caradine, Thomas and Sharon Daniels,

Russ and Tracy Dierenfield, Jason and Erika Dierking, Russell and Gladys Eddie, Dr. Garrett and Kelsey Feddersen, Dean and Deb Feltner, Doris Fritcher, Dr. Kyle and Ashlee Glienke, JD and Wendy Goodchild, Doug Hansen, Dan and Amy Jones, Dave and Laurie Kofmehl, Bill and JoAnn Kozisek, Bill and Joan Kruse, Gary and Mishelle Lalone, Dave and Pat Lange, Rick and Kim and family Martin, Duane and Mary Ann Miller, Pat and Julie Mooney, Dr. Joan Nilles, Al and Michelle Patten, Hugh Perry, Steve and Deb Peters, Harry and Lynn Schaller, J Robert Siefer, Al and Kris Taphorn, Douglas Thompson, Carl and Cyndi Turner, Mike and Megan Wilbur, Scott and Joni Wulfekuhler, James L. Eliason, Terry & Trudy Pedersen, Family Dental Center,Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative, Malarky’s Pub, MetaBank, North Lake Truck Repair, State Farm Insurance, Sugar Bowl Gift Shop
Salutatorians Club ($150-$199)
Cory and Alicia Gatzemeyer, Dick and June Mooney, David and Barb Dvergsten, Hamilton Law Firm PC, Reding’s Gravel and Excavating, Pizza Ranch
Valedictorians Club ($200-$249)
Cheryl and Gary Petersen, Cheryl Eason, Craig and Nancy Fratzke, RalphKaufman, Jim & Jane Spooer, Dr. Tim and Di Daniels, Dr. Roy and Michelle Grant