Scratch Cupcakery fundraiser in Alta

Friday, December 18, 2020

From December 21st through January 8th, students from Alta Elementary will be selling six-packs of Scratch Cupcakery cupcakes; delivery is set for Wednesday, January 27th. Money raised will help pay for the Alta Elementary Playground!

Each six-pack of Scratch Cupcakery cupcakes sells for $15-20 and contains an assortment of flavors. Love chocolate? Lemon? Mint? Cheesecake?! The selling organization earns 40 percent for every pack they sell!

Members of the Alta PTO will be taking orders. You can also visit the Club’s fundraising website, to find out more information about their sale.

Scratch Cupcakery is a locally-owned small business in Iowa. To find out more about Scratch, visit

If you were to have any questions about this fundraiser, please call Alta Elementary at 712-200-1400.