Friday, December 18, 2020

Mrs. Husmanís Creative Sewing class sewed 40 Cornhole Bean Bags for the Alta Elementary School students. The class was approached by the Elementary School Principal, Stacy Mueller with the suggestion to make Cornhole Bean Bags for the elementary school students to play with. This is an additional activity students can play with while the playground is shut down during the process of rebuilding a new playground. Students in Creative Sewing include: Faith Buss, Sarah Cummins, Piper Graham, Lucy Gunkelman, Margarito Laguna, Alli Magnussen, Grace Mills, Cassidy Parks, Shea Peterson, Nate Ramirez, Monica Valdovinos, and Conner Wienhold. Creative Sewing is a new class offered at the high school this fall semester by Family and Consumer Sciences teacher, Brea Husman. / Photo submitted