Schools moving ahead with playground plan

Friday, December 4, 2020

The Alta-Aurelia School District is preparing for new playground equipment for Alta Elementary School to be installed in the spring. Superintendent William Walters brought four proposals to a December 1st meeting to begin the decision-making process for the future playground.

Walters, school board members and Alta Elementary Principal Stacy Mueller looked through the proposals, discussing the pros and cons. The proposals ranged from $248,000 to $339,000 for new playground equipment. 

They selected three companies to consider, and the final decision will be made this month. Mueller and Walters suggested the group select their top choices and let the students decide on the playground they want. The companies now in the running are Park Planet, Cunningham and ABCreative.

The playground project, originally a joint project between the City of Alta and Alta-Aurelia School District for the past two years, has recently become separate projects. The school district feels there is no time to waste in replacing the more than 20-year-old playground equipment, in part because the school playground was closed in October after a student was injured by splinters. “I want to start putting this up in the spring,” Walters said. 

Over the past two years, donations have been received from the community for both playgrounds, and fundraisers by the City and schools have been held to decrease the cost and to involve the community in the project. An upcoming scratch cupcakes fundraiser by the schools will begin this month, with order forms arriving on Dec. 10th, Mueller said.

The city park, located near the Shelter House, is where the City wants to replace the playground equipment. Alta City Council Member Pam Henderson attended the meeting, saying, “We need to provide, as a city, a city playground, so we are going to move on with a city plan. I feel if the school and the city went together on this project with the company that is offering a grant to reduce the cost, it would be a win, win situation for both entities,” Henderson said. “There is a deadline for this grant so I would like for the City to move forward with a decision sooner rather than later so the City can have a nice updated playground for our City Park.” The City needs to make a decision this month or they will lose the ABCreative grant that was awarded.

City Council members plan to make a decision at the December regular meeting about whether or not to purchase new playground equipment for the city park.