Trees to be carved with ‘Warriors’

Friday, November 20, 2020

The City of Alta and Warrior Booster Club will put some dead ash trees to good use near the football field and instill Warrior pride at the same time.

At the Nov. 16th special meeting, the Alta City Council voted unanimously to hire artist Jeff Klatt to carve the front and back of nine tree trunks spelling out “Warriors” with one tree carved with a shield and sword.

The city and Boosters have agreed to each pay $1,000 for the project. The trees are located along S. Johnson St. and Veterans Drive.

Brad Pedersen, Alta’s Streets and Sanitation supervisor, said the trees will face traffic on Veteran’s Drive so the letters can be seen from north and south with a different letter on each tree. “So on both sides of the tree, you’d see “Warriors” coming in and coming out,” Pedersen said.

The dead ash trees will need to be removed eventually as they are among the numerous ash trees in Alta infected with the emerald ash borer.

“I’m pretty glad the City of Alta and Boosters can work together to make something happen,” Mayor Kevin Walsh said.