‘Born to Play’ shirts kick off Alta playgrounds fundraising

Friday, October 16, 2020

The Warrior Parent Teacher Organization is gearing up to help fund a dual playground development in Alta, starting with a t-shirt campaign.

A contest was held among students 4th grade and younger to create art for a fundraiser t-shirt, with high school art students helping to select the winner.

Macy Droegmiller won the honors with her design, “Born to Play All Day,” done in the school colors. Shirts will soon be produced and sold for about $10 each - watch for information on the Alta Warrior PTO Facebook page.

Kayla Wilson of the Warrior PTO, playground T-shirt winner Macy Droegmiller, and art teacher Amanda Lytle..

“We wanted kids to have a part in working toward the playground,” PTO spokesperson Kayla Wilson said of the contest.

The schools and the city parks department are working together to build new playgrounds at both the park and the school grounds, replacing some outdates equipment.

“The process has been really slowed because of COVID, but our fundraising efforts are starting back up again now,” said Wilson. “Right now we’re waiting for word from the schools on how much they will be able to put into the pot. With demolition of the current school playground and grading of the site, it’s very possible the cost could run to $400,000.”

Organizers of the project would like to see new playgrounds built by summer of 2021, “but I’m not sure how realistic that is,” Wilson said, noting the amount of fundraising that will need to be done.

Warrior PTO has also launched a sale of holiday wreaths and garland and a fundraiser, with information on that project listed on the Facebook page as well. Butter braids, scratch cupcakes and a project with Tiefenthaler Quality Meats are in the planning stages for the months ahead.

The PTO had hoped for a silent auction, but that may have to be delayed or adjusted due to COVID concerns.

Some other ideas are in the works - such as selling off pieces of the current Altagether Playground that has been lovingly used by children for a couple of decades. “We think there are people who have fond memories and would probably love to own a piece in exchange for a donation. Anyone who is interested can get hold of me, or message us on the Facebook page,” Wilson said.

The playground proponents hope to see the entire community get involved with the project. “People in town are already asking how much money we need, and suggesting that we put a sign up to show the progress of the fundraising, so we hope to get that accomplished in the next month or so.”