Bank plans underway, sidewalks in need of repair

Friday, October 16, 2020

The city of Alta’s code enforcement officer, John Stange, gave a report at the Oct. 5th city council meeting which included proposed demolition and sidewalks.

Stange has prepared a demolition permit for United Bank of Iowa for their plan to construct a drive-through at the bank located at 202 Main St. The bank entered into a purchase agreement for the old quilt shop building which they want to tear down. It is located next to the bank.

Julie Hahn of United Bank of Iowa addressed the council in June when she said, “Our plan is to remove structure and construct a drive-through that will run along the south side of the main building and exit into the street.” It would require a sidewalk elevation change to make the exit to the street, and she asked council members to consider the proposal.

The plan requires eliminating some parking spaces, and the curb would need to be rebuilt. The council approved the plan at the July city council meeting. Demolition has not yet begun.

On another topic, Stange informed the council there are sidewalks in need of repair in some areas of Alta. “The sidewalks, some people are starting to repair those themselves,” he said. He notifies residents when their sidewalks need improvement.

According to the city’s code book, the city may order repairs. If the abutting property owner does not maintain sidewalks as required, the mayor or a duly designated officer may serve notice on a property owner, requiring the abutting property owner to repair, replace or reconstruct sidewalks within a reasonable time. The city may also require inspection of sidewalks that are being repaired, replaced or constructed to ensure requirements are being followed.

Mayor Kevin Walsh said, “I don’t know what determines a bad sidewalk, but I think it’s common sense when you’re walking on one.” Stange said that in some city locations, trees and grass are growing under the sidewalks, causing them to crack.