Alta Streets and Sanitation Dept. readying for winter

Friday, October 9, 2020

Several projects are in the works in the City of Alta Streets and Sanitation department, some needing to wait until spring. The department’s supervisor Brad Pedersen updated the council at the Oct. 5th Alta City Council meeting.

Council Member Pam Henderson asked Pedersen about the progress of water drainage on 8th and Main St. to West Hwy. Pedersen has talked with ISG representatives who have been working on the project. Water meters were put in and more work needs to be done. “Maybe we can move forward with that next month,” he said.

City manhole updates are in progress. Pedersen said they hammered out the concrete around 7 manholes and poured 3 of them back. This month, the plan is to pour the four manholes back. They raised and set the manhole on 9th Street and the one on Main Street at the school stop signs. They also installed the manhole riser ring on 1st and Benson Streets to get rid of the low spot on the corner to help shed the water off of the street.

In another project, department personnel started to dig out tiles under concrete at the shop under the shop driveway, Pedersen said. They originally thought there was a broken tile. They discovered that the tile is fine but the backfill that was used under the driveway has to come out because it was not adequate to be used under concrete.

The plan for this month is to clean out the dirt and backfill the tile line at the shop. “We won’t have time to finish it in winter so we’ll work on it in spring,” he said.

In another matter, a resident recently inquired of Pedersen if the city would remove a maple tree that is rotten. Pedersen said the approximately 12-inch diameter tree will need to come down in time, and council approval is needed for that. He feels this is not the best time for removal. “We need to be working on ash trees,” he said, due to the emerald ash borer which has infested a large number of ash trees in Alta, requiring removal. City Clerk Megan Peterson said since the item is not on the agenda, council can take no action at this time, but it will be put on the next agenda, she said.

The council plans to fill a vacant position in the streets and sanitation department. They reviewed applications and chose 3 people to interview at a special meeting on Oct. 14th.

In other council news:

Mayor Kevin Walsh asked Council Member Pam Henderson to be Mayor Pro-Tem and she accepted. In his absence, she will take over mayoral duties.

Council voted to approve a Halloween Proclamation stating people are free to do what they choose on Halloween. Peterson will put the statement on Facebook and the city’s web site.

In the Alta Fire Department report, Kirk (Bubba) Reetz said the plan for a fire truck that needs to be replaced was put on hold due to the pandemic, but he has been talking to representatives about it. Reetz plans to submit bids to the council at the beginning of the year.

The city’s Code Enforcement Officer, John Stange, said there have been complaints about chickens on West Hwy. and he has attempted to contact the owner but has been unable to. Mayor Walsh said that to adhere to a city ordinance, he suggests Stange issue a citation. One city council member suggested boarding up the chickens to contain them.

Council discussed an audio/visual technology upgrade for council chambers. This will be put in the next budget and Peterson believes the city can be budgeted about $25,000 to update technology.

The next regular city council meeting will be on Nov. 2nd.