Altagether volunteers work on home projects

Friday, October 2, 2020

Armed with garden tools and paint brushes in hand, a group of volunteers in Alta joined together on Sept. 26th for Altagether’s 2nd cleanup project where they worked on three houses. The first cleanup was held in June.

“We do this to help out our neighbors. To give a helping hand,” organizer and Altagether’s founder, Rob Hach, said. On the 26th, volunteers fixed a fence, painted a shed and cut and removed tree branches, shrubs and bushes.

He founded Altagether earlier this year when some residents received criticism from others in the community which he and others felt was unfair, knowing everyone faces personal hardships at some point in life.

Hach then started the Altagether Facebook page where residents can request help and where volunteers can keep up-to-date about upcoming projects. The page shows photos of volunteers helping out. Word-of-mouth also helped the group to expand.

One volunteer on the recent cleanup was Pastor Denise Parrello, pastor of two Alta churches, Trinity Lutheran and First Presbyterian. She is often seen around Alta helping out when help is needed.

She works on Altagether projects, for one reason, because she is disturbed with division in the country and she promotes working together for a common cause. “This is a good time in the country to get together and help out each other,” Parrello said. “The reason people are involved with Altagether is because we care about Alta and we care about our neighbors.”

The timing worked out well for her because her churches’ annual cleanup day, usually held in September, was altered this year. It was cancelled due to the pandemic, and instead she encouraged church members to participate in community projects on their own in order to social distance.

Michael Malvesti worked alongside Pastor Denise at one of the houses. They rebuilt a fence by replacing iron posts and wire and re-hung the gate. They also cleaned out shrubs and bushes. “It’s a chance to give back to the community, paying it forward,” Malvesti said.

Hach is taking measures to make Altagether a non-profit organization. Their next project is slated for February where area contractors are invited to meet and line up work for 2021 because many Alta residents needing work on their homes have been unable to get a contractor, Hach said.