An open letter from former Alta city council member Wes Bunjes

Friday, September 25, 2020

To: Mayor Walsh, City Council Members, and Citizens of Alta

I would like to thank the City for letting me be a party of the City Council, and I would especially like to thank all of the citizens that voted me into office. This experience has allowed me to learn the many ways the City operates, both good and bad, which has led me to making the decision to step down from this position. Several factors have also played into this decision, most importantly not enough time to devote to my family which is my main priority. Along with that, the growth of my business this year has just not allowed me to devote an adequate amount of my time that the citizens of Alta deserve.

It has been extremely frustrating going from safety improvements in town to destructive actions. Decisions are being made that are dangerous to the safety of our citizens because a select few here in town do not have the patience to obey a stop sign, when they could also use a different route, only because it interferes with their feeling of urgency to get to their golf time, getting kids to school, or any other reason for traveling Lake Street, or just because they want to drive as fast as they can from one end of town to the other. It has been obvious that the stop sign on Lake Street has greatly reduced the speed on this street.

This stop sign was put up after a recommendation by the Buena Vista County Sheriff’s Department. They do not have the manpower to continuously monitor and enforce speeding violations on every street in Alta, and speeding on Lake Street has been a serious issue. I believe if the City would like to move forward, the citizens should adapt to having stop signs put up on even more streets in town. Removing a stop sign is definitely a step backward for the safety of all citizens. My opinions and positive recommendations to the Mayor and other City Council Members and fallen upon deaf ears. Decisions are being made to appease the few in town, including friends and family members, that have petty complaints, grudges, or the thought that nothing should ever change in town.

For all of the reasons stated, it is with regret that I have come to the conclusion that I can no longer serve as a positive productive representative of Alta citizens with the current City Council and Mayor. This letter is my formal resignation.


Wes Bunjes