Alta-Aurelia Schools return to face-to-face classes

Friday, September 11, 2020

Alta-Aurelia schools are getting back to normal, having begun on August 24th.

“Back to school is going as well as can be expected,” Superintendent William Walters said. “We learn new things everyday. It’s important that we stay flexible and be prepared to adjust with changes in protocols or directives from the Department of Education or Public Health.”

“Our students and staff are doing a great job with our RTL (Return to Learn) protocols. Kids are social by nature so this is not an easy task for them,” he said, referring to the need to wear masks and social distance.

“The busing has been well handled and our drivers continue to do a great job. Our principals have handled the virtual students and came up with a great plan along with our technology coordinator,” Walters said.

Principal Jeannie Henningsen at Aurelia Elementary and Middle School, and Alta Elementary School Principal Stacy Mueller both said the start of the school year is going great. “We are enjoying seeing all the students’ faces,” Mueller said. “They’re excited to be back and excited to see their friends.”

The school follows safety protocols by requiring students to keep their masks on when they cannot social distance, and the school is being kept clean and sanitized, Mueller said.

She is impressed with school personnel. “Everyone is doing a great job,” she said, referring to custodians, nursing staff, bus drivers, faculty and all staff. “Everyone is coming together to do what’s best for the kids.” They also prioritize helping new students and staff to feel comfortable in the start of this unique school year.