Altagether cleanup set for Sept. 25 - 26

Friday, September 4, 2020
Volunteers worked on home projects for Alta residents throughout the summer.

With this year’s pandemic and recession, coupled with illnesses that crop up in a family and other of life’s challenging surprises, it’s good to know that the Alta community bands together to help out.

One group involved with community fix-up projects during the summer is Altagether which will next host the “Fall good neighbors cleanup day” Sept. 25th-26th. Volunteers are always appreciated and this time are asked to first meet on Fri. the 25th at 6:30 p.m. at Scooters in Alta to go over work lists and schedules. At that time, teams for the following day will be organized and assigned. Food and drinks will be provided at Scooters for those who plan to help on the project.

“We’ll meet and divvy out the jobs and we’ll get their enthusiasm going,” event organizer Rob Hach said. Work will take place the following day, Sat. the 26th, and could include house painting, cleaning out houses and garages, carpentry and yard work to name a few.

Hach organized a community cleanup in July as a result of what he considered unfair criticism of some Alta residents. “It was kind of a community outreach group. We had a good number of volunteers,” he said, who did not sit idle throughout the summer. He credits the success of the organization to those people who enthusiastically pitch in when asked.

On the group’s Facebook page, many thanks were given to summer helpers. One post read, “We want to thank Wendell Larson and Rory Payne for all of your coaching and tools as we are not professional painters like you.” In another, “The professional paint crew from A+Painting - Payne-Larson painting finished this project for one of our neighbors. It looks great and the neighbor was so thankful.” Hach said A+ Painting donated a lot of time. Power Solutions also did their part by removing rust off of Alta’s signs.

Now that September has dawned, Hach wants to build on the community support and momentum from those summer projects. This time there was more time to plan for the September cleanup and they hope to have more volunteers than before.

“We are giving people a hand. It’s neighbors helping neighbors,” he said. He does this for Alta and because of what people have experienced from the recession and pandemic.

One volunteer is Joe Aube who often works on yard cleanup and an array of projects. “He’s really been great for Alta,” Hach said.

Aube has his reasons. “I take pride in the community.” He has organized house painting projects in the past. He rarely stops. “Today I was out trimming trees on the golf course,” Aube said. He believes helping hands are needed everywhere. “I think there’s a need in any community, but I think some people are afraid to ask for help.”

On the Facebook page, Altagether shares information about community needs and planned projects, ensuring privacy and confidentiality. Plans are already underway for a winter event, and area contractors are invited to meet and line up work for 2021.

Volunteers, financial contributions and supplies such as paint and brushes are always welcome. Anyone wishing to help out with the September cleanup and other projects can visit the Altagether Facebook page for up-to-date news.