Stop signs on 4th and Lake Streets discussed

Friday, August 14, 2020

The Alta city attorney recommends having stop signs removed at the intersection of 4th & Lake Streets due to improper voting by council members in a city council meeting two years ago. In addition, the mayor has received complaints about stop signs at that intersection.

Mayor Kevin Walsh discussed the matter with the Council at the August 3rd Alta City Council meeting. He said the stop signs are not there legally and he wants things done correctly. Additionally, some residents do not want stop signs at that intersection. For now, plans are to put the issue on a future agenda for Council to discuss further when a resolution could be passed to settle the matter.

The meeting at which the vote passed to install stop signs at that intersection was in July 2018, and the request made was prompted by concerns with the speed of traffic in that area as daycares and children are nearby.

The motion in 2018 was passed by a majority with a simple motion, and a yield sign was removed from the intersection and stop signs were installed. “The city code states that this must be passed by a resolution which didn’t take place,” Mayor Walsh said. “After talking with the city attorney, he was advised that this was passed from council improperly and the signs should be removed.”

“There has been several complaints since my tenure on the stop signs placed at the intersection of 4th & Lake St.,” he said. “I was on council when these were approved to be placed at that intersection and voted yes to have them there. Since hearing so many complaints I chose to go back and take a second look on how the vote was done.”

The mayor has requested that Sheriff’s Office personnel give Alta residents some extra attention to help educate the public on traffic safety.

Another stop sign controversy discussed by council members occurred in April 2018, when former Alta-Aurelia school superintendent Lynn Evans brought to the Council’s attention his concern about changeable stop signs near Alta schools. He believed they caused confusion.

The stop signs were turned depending on the time of day, which he believed could cause human error by drivers. There were times when Evans saw drivers pass by the stop signs without stopping when the signs were turned a little early. Al Clark, Alta’s mayor at that time, suggested that at least stop signs at the 4-way stop at the intersection of 5th and Main Streets be changed to permanent signs.