Shelter house chimney in need of repair

Friday, July 10, 2020
The city council is discussing the park shelter house. The fireplace and chimney are lingering problems.

Alta’s Shelter House fireplace and chimney have not been functional for years, but the city’s park board says the chimney in particular is in need of repair. The matter was discussed at the July 6th Alta City Council meeting. The Shelter House is available for rent from May through October for events.

Heidi Reetz, Chair of the Alta Park Board, discussed the park board’s concerns. “We had a budget for $2,500. It would be more than the $2,500 that we estimated it would cost to fix the chimney,” she said. A recent park board report showed that the chimney was not fixed properly to begin with, and it is estimated the repair cost could be $4,700. No action was taken by city council at the meeting.

The work that needs to be done is mainly on the outside. “We don’t think the chimney should be taken off. We just think it needs to be fixed properly so we don’t have any more money going out of there because of the holes or the leakage and all that,” Reetz said.

Mayor Kevin Walsh and City Council Member Pam Henderson questioned the non-functional fireplace which they believe is prohibited from use due to liability concerns. Reetz said most park board members agree the fireplace should not be operational for that reason. Some council members said the fireplace was used in the beginning but has not been used for years.

Reetz said the plan is to put a metal plate in front of the fireplace to block it off from being used. There is no definite timeline for repairs, but she said the park board would like to get the chimney fixed soon so that problems will not be encountered through the winter.

In other city council news:


Reetz gave an update on plans for the new park playground, a joint project between the school and city. “Very good news. We did get approved for the ABCreative grant for $75,000 which will be a discount off of the price of the total package for the city playground,” she told the council.


Library Director Andrea Hogrefe said the library continues to offer curbside service.

Code Enforcement

Council members reviewed applications for the city’s code enforcement officer position and submitted their top selections to Alta City Clerk Megan Peterson. Three applicants will be interviewed by council members later this month.

Streets and Sanitation

The council voted to pay $150. per hour to tree removal services and to check each month’s bills to stop removal when the budget is depleted. “I think we have $20,000 budgeted for tree removal, and in my opinion, we just keep watching it each month,” Peterson said of the bills. This is because not all of the money budgeted last year was used.