Reopening of Alta pool and parks

Friday, June 19, 2020

The Alta pool reopened June 15th for swim lessons and will fully open to the public July 1st. The two parks and playgrounds have also reopened.

“We have made adjustments to the operations of the pool,” Heidi Reetz, chairperson of the Alta Park Board, said. “We have stepped up disinfecting and cleaning of things.” Another change is that the diving boards will not be open and chairs will not be provided. People can bring their own chairs.

Reetz is confident the staff will do a great job following the operations list. “We ask the public as well to be responsible though, too, and respectful to the staff and understand things will be different this year,” she said.

A challenge for the Park Board this summer is ensuring that they have things as safe as possible, and the hope is that residents will pitch in and do their part. “It goes both ways. We can work hard and have extra cleaning and protocols. Just asking people to stay safe and do their part as well in this,” she said.

Reetz understands that some people are glad things are opening whereas others are in favor of waiting. “I think we need to leave that decision up to the people themselves if they are ready to get out, but also have things opened up and giving those people that are ready to get out something to do.”

Mayor Kevin Walsh has opened up Alta’s playground equipment and basketball court. On the city’s Facebook page, a reminder is included that COVID-19 continues to be very prevalent in Buena Vista County, therefore social distancing is still required, and congregating in large groups is discouraged. The playground equipment and basketball court will not be sanitized, so it is “use at your own risk.”