Master’s degree from BVU a dream come true

Friday, June 12, 2020

It was a dream come true for Lindy Reinhart when she graduated with her master’s in mental health counseling from Buena Vista University.

“I’m a BVU fan. It’s always been a dream, something that I wanted to do, and it was close enough to home that I could do it,” Reinhart says

She started her BVU journey by graduating with her bachelor’s in psychology in 2013. Reinhart completed her undergraduate degree right as her two children were headed into high school. With two high schoolers and a full-time licensed massage therapy business to run, she decided to slow down and enjoy her last few years with her children before diving into her master’s.

Reinhart’s daughter began her freshman year of college in the fall of 2016, the same day Reinhart herself started her graduate school journey.

“I like to go on journeys with people and support them along their way,” Reinhart says. “I always knew a major in psychology was a stepping-stone into a master’s degree in counseling.”

One of the highlights of the mental health counseling program for her was the mixture of online classes plus a virtual class session one night each week. This gave her the flexibility to do most of the work on her own time, but she still had a connection to her instructors. The weekly virtual class provides an opportunity to ask real-time questions, stay accountable, and engage with classmates.

BVU’s mental health counseling program also includes a one-week summer residency program where students meet to learn together in a hands-on environment and collaborate with each other and their professors. For her, this residency rounded out the program.

Reinhart claims Dr. Casey Baker, Mental Health Counseling Program Director and professor, was a major influence on her success in the program.

“I really, really appreciated the prompt help Dr. Baker provided whenever I had a concern or needed a quick answer to something,” Reinhart said. “She was always ready to help.”

Reinhart was offered her first job in the mental health field at Plains Area Mental Health Center immediately following graduation.

“People recognize the name BVU, and it goes hand-in-hand with a great education,” said Reinhart.