City Councilman shares garden vegetables with residents

Friday, May 22, 2020
Tom Lane

One routine that Alta city councilman Tom Lane has always kept is gardening and sharing his vegetables with the community. Now is no exception; in fact, he has recently increased the pace, knowing some residents have an inadequate food supply due to the pandemic and job loss. He makes food deliveries at least weekly and last week provided food to about 170 families in and around Alta.

“I’ve always raised a garden and I’ve always shared vegetables with people,” Lane said. “Then the virus came along and everyone is getting laid off. There are families going without food.”

Alta Mayor Kevin Walsh appreciates Lane’s compassion for the citizens and in personally delivering food to them. “Tom gets so much satisfaction by helping others. His caring compassion has been evident these past several weeks with being so generous with his time distributing food to 100’s of family’s during this difficult time in our lives,” Walsh said.

Lane simply likes to help people, and another reason for this endeavor is, “We’re supposed to help out, according to scripture.” He is particularly concerned that children are not getting enough food due to school closures as schools are a place where breakfast and lunch is provided to many students. “These kids were relying on the schools,” he said.

Lane’s food drop-offs include his home-grown vegetables and at times bread that he buys and meat that is donated. He is often the lone deliverer, but at times is accompanied by his wife and others from the community who help to distribute food outside of town. His main route is to take the food to Alta’s trailer parks and to homes in town where he knows the residents, wearing a mask and gloves these days when delivering to people’s front doors.