Alta Fire Department gives kids a happier birthday

Friday, May 15, 2020

Sirens and flashing lights from Alta fire trucks through city streets is a common occurrence during the pandemic, and is not done because of emergencies but to brighten the lives of children on their birthdays.

The Alta Fire Department is once again going above and beyond. When they hear of kids’ birthdays, they know it is time for a surprising drive-by, complete with sirens and flashing lights.

“We drive by the children’s houses. We’ve done over 25 of them so far,” Alta Fire Chief Kirk “Bubba” Reetz said. “It’s to bring a little smile to the children because they can’t be with their friends on their birthdays right now.”

Mayor Kevin Walsh thanks the Alta Fire Department. “To me this is just another great example of the engagement our Fire Department has for our community. Most if not all these individuals who choose to bring joy to our children are working full time and still take time from their busy schedule to do this. Whether adults want to admit it or not, we do get some enjoyment from the sirens and flashing lights as well,” Walsh said.