Deprez Prayer Parade in Alta

Friday, April 3, 2020

Lynn Deprez received a big surprise on Sunday evening, March 29th, when she stepped outside onto her front door and a parade of about 54 vehicles drove past her house in Alta. There was honking and shouts to Lynn and her husband, Darell, of “We love you!” and “Love you guys!” They were well-wishers who wanted to show their support for Lynn during her cancer battle.

Joyce Rydstrom and her daughter-in-law, Dusty, friends of Deprez’s, organized the prayer parade which started at Summit Evangelical Free Church where Deprez and Rydstrom are active members. Rydstrom had informed the church family about the parade and contacted community sites and Facebook.

Deprez is currently undergoing cancer treatment. “But with the Coronavirus quarantine, no one is able to come and visit her, so we planned a prayer parade to go past her house with well wishes,” Rydstrom said.

In a Facebook post afterwards, Deprez thanked everyone, saying what a huge blessing the parade was for her. “I love seeing your faces, even from a distance! It is so good for my kids to see and experience this as well!”

Rydstrom knows without a doubt that her friend is highly deserving. “She puts others before herself. She deserves to have something good happen to her. We love her and are praying for her,” she said.

The secret plan was a family affair. Rydstrom and her daughter-in-law worked with Deprez’s daughter, Tricia, to organize the parade. When the cars drove by, Lynn and Darell stepped outside and watched from their porch while Rydstrom’s grandson, Caden, ran up and down the street with a laundry basket in which people could drop cards or gifts into.

The Deprez’s are well-known around Alta as former owners of Darell’s Foodtown which was a fixture in the town for many years. Rydstrom continued with her praise. “They have been faithful friends to so many people that we thought we should show them a little love and bless them because they have blessed us.”

For those who were unable to attend the parade, Rydstrom said they could mail well-wishes to the Deprez’s at 610 Division St., Alta 51002.