A-A’s Peckenschneider proud of staff’s handling of COVID-19 situation

Friday, March 20, 2020

Alta-Aurelia Activities Director Grant Peckenschenider felt what was coming about a week before it happened. He expected the schools to get shut down before the announcements were made.

“A week ago I felt it’d get postponed,” he said. “It’s disappointing but necessary.”

He hopes that this school and activities shut down only lasts the month it’s set for and expects things to pick up where they left off. He stated that they are still attempting to reschedule events like the prom, the play and dance night.

“It all hinges on this just lasting a month,” he said. “If it lasts longer, we’ll do whatever’s next and do our best.”

Peckenschneider believes if this month shutdown ends normally that the spring sports season will begin in progress with meets for golf and track to pick up where the season was. However, if it the shut down lasts longer than expected, the outright cancellation of spring sports is in play.

He hopes that it doesn’t come to that for a few reasons.

“We’d feel bad for the seniors losing out on graduation and prom and even playing sports for the school one last time,” he said. “We’d be there for them.”

Peckenschneider added that he’d feel bad for every student missing out on potential State events in track or golf, but understands that health and safety comes first.

He was quick to praise the entire Alta-Aurelia school staff for their response and ability to do everything they can to help the kids. Peckenschneider stated that the janitors have been hard at work deep cleaning the schools. The other staff members have been delivering the kids personal effects to them as well as helping give them food.

“They’re doing the best they can. We want to create constant contact with the school for everyone,” he said.

Peckenschneider himself, even though he thought it was going to happen, was still shocked at the announcement of school being shut down.

“It was a complete shock like ‘Wow, this is actually happening,’” he said. “But we have to think about the kids.”

He liked that all area schools are doing the best they can and are trying to help one another. One interesting tidbit that Peckenschneider found going through old football records and found that they shut down the 1942 football season with three games left due to a bad flu strain, but it was 80 years ago and this is just something different for everyone to deal with.