PeopleWorks offers numerous services to area

Friday, March 20, 2020

PeopleWorks in Alta is not all about business. They leave room for fun. Located in the heart of Alta, the modern-looking renovated building at 224 S. Main St. offers a space for leadership and management training, meetings and parties, attracting people from all over.

The business was founded in 1998 by Kathy Peterson, President and owner, who is in a farm family but also is experienced in the world of business. Her background is in Human Resources, and she previously worked in management leadership training at Gateway, a Fortune 500 company in North Sioux City, South Dakota.

Peterson gives management and leadership training at the new location in Alta which opened for business 2 1/2 years ago. “It is for someone who is a leader or planning to become a leader,” she said of the training. The meeting and event space is also used for graduation parties, bridal and wedding showers and other social events.

She purchased the building from the Caboth family and renovated it, transforming it into a modern space with the latest technology equipment and hospitality areas. The space is wide-open with a high ceiling which is ornate and antique, and there are plenty of windows to let the light in. She made sure to retain the building’s originality from days gone by.

Peterson’s clients include professionals from financial institutions, the hospitality industry, agricultural clients and more. She conducts training sessions in Alta and throughout the U.S. as well. Businesses have issues and concerns which is at the heart of her training sessions, and two of the most requested topics are accountability and difficult people, she said.

She is a believer that successful businesses start with great leadership. “It’s a whole different skill set to be a leader than a worker,” thus the need for continuous leadership training. Peterson’s philosophy is to maintain relationships with her clients to provide them with ongoing leadership techniques. She often facilitates training at a business site, then leaders visit PeopleWorks for further training. “We become a partner with our clients. We care about all of our clients’ success.”

Staff member Gretchen Miller, Learning and Development Consultant, is responsible for venue coordination and behind-the-scenes work, and at times is an event or presentation speaker. She makes preparations for programs, handles contracts, and stays in contact with program participants. Like Peterson, Miller is in a farm family and was a long-time employee at Iowa Central Community College in academic advising and career planning.

Peterson purchased the building from the Caboth family in 2017. They owned it for nearly 40 years where they had a plumbing and heating business. “We decided to purchase the building and give it new life,” Peterson said. She worked with a Newell designer. “I did a lot of the design of the building, but others brought it to life.”

The pre-1900 building underwent extensive renovations, making it into a modern facility while still retaining many of the original details. In the beginning, her thought was to have offices, but when the walls were removed, she appreciated the large open space. One of her favorite features is the openness while Miller favors the windows. “The windows are so nice with all the natural light, she said.

Through the years, the building has served a variety of purposes such as a tractor mechanic shop for quite some time. Records of building ownership date back to 1881 when it belonged to the Lovelace family. There were many changes of ownership over the years until 1978 when the Sundberg family sold it to the Caboth family from whom Peterson later purchased the building.

PeopleWorks can accommodate groups of up to 50 people, has table seating for 24 and a large island that seats 10. There is a 75” LCD TV, surround sound, wireless internet, and flip charts for presentations and events.

Peterson welcomes clients, old and new, because “It is space to be shared.” Some events have been postponed due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), but there have been no cancellations.

For more information, call Kathy Peterson or Gretchen Miller at 712-284-2881 or e-mail at