A-A School Board discusses staffing changes

Friday, February 21, 2020

Alta-Aurelia schools staffing changes for 2020-21 will include hiring two full-time instructional coaches instead of the existing part-time coaches. One coach will work in the Alta schools and the other in Aurelia. The matter was discussed at the Feb. 10 School Board meeting.

The purpose of instructional coaches is to bring evidence-based practices into classrooms by working with teachers and other school leaders which is shown to increase student learning. The schools will provide teacher-facilitated professional growth groups where teachers can sign up for coaching cycles. The coaches will lead a group of teachers in an area they feel they are interested in, Superintendent William Walters said. “We want to tap into our teachers’ strengths and have them lead their peers in professional growth activities.”

Teachers can apply for the two full-time positions in the fall. “It is exciting because it’s going to draw from the strengths of our staff. It’s a good thing,” Walters said, adding that this is an ideal opportunity for teachers to take on a leadership role. 

“We are changing the position that we pay for with TLC funding,” Walters said. TLC is the Alta-Aurelia Teacher Leadership and Compensation system.

In other staffing changes, technology assistants next year will report to the full-time technology coordinator. “We changed the responsibilities of our building tech assistants, and they will work directly with our tech coordinator,” Walters said.