HS students invited to BVU’s first Ag Expo

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Buena Vita University will host its first Agriculture Student Expo, Wednesday, October 23, on the Storm Lake campus. High school students are being invited to attend the event dedicated to agricultural programs at Buena Vista University, including the new Institute for Agriculture, Food and Resource Management. Visiting high school students can take a college ag class, participate in hands-on demonstrations from industry professionals, tour the campus and enjoy a free lunch in our newly remodeled Siebens Forum. Interested schools and students can sign up at www.vu.edu/expo.

The Agriculture Student Expo features:

• Corteva Agriscience: The science and technology behind corn and soybeans.

• Coon River Farms: An interactive cow/calf demo and management conversation.

• Soil Health: Proper conservation practices in BVU’s accessible, hands-on soil lab.

• Farm Credit Services of America: How commodity marketing and trading works.