Mayor creates filming policy after disruption

Friday, August 9, 2019

A complaint was filed after a recent Alta City Council meeting attended by a crew from Whole Hog Films. Some felt the crew was intrusive as it moved around the small chamber room, sometimes blocking the audience, and according to Mayor Al Clark, making it hard to concentrate on the business at hand. After some conflict with the crew at the time, the city has received a letter of apology from the company.

In response to the complaint, Clark wrote a proposed policy for filming during meetings, “No law says you have ti allow anyone the right to walk around the chambers,” he said.

The mayor stressed that the city welcomes photography and video or audio recording at all of its public meetings, but Clark wants to assure that media coverage does not block the public, that the exit doors are not blocked for safety reasons, and that advance notice is made if any special accommodations are needed for filming.

“It’s just called common courtesy, folks,” Clark said as he introduced the policy at this month’s meetings.

He also noted that the city itself has looked into video coverage of meetings, via Facebook Live or the city’s cable television utility, but to date, it has been considered cost-prohibitive.