Alta school board votes in favor of project field lights

Friday, July 19, 2019

The Alta school board voted to approve funding for a project to bury light cables at the Alta football and track field on Johnson Street in Alta near the schools. Wiring for lights will be moved from overhead to underground at a cost of $12,900. The issue was discussed at the July 17th meeting.

Alta Municipal Utilities (AMU) will begin the project on Monday, July 22nd where wires between each light tower that connect the poles will begin to be buried. It is a joint venture between the Alta-Aurelia school district and the city of Alta, and Alta-Aurelia School Superintendent William Walters researched the project and recently discussed the issue with city officials. “I suggest that every other year we alternate between the school and the city,” Walters told school board members about leading the project.

Walters mentioned his reasons for supporting the project. “It is an electrical problem, it’s about safety, and it’s going to update our facilities with new wiring,” he said. The vote to fund the project was not unanimous. School board Vice-President Jon Turnquist voted no, but the majority ruled, so the project will go through. Turnquist’s reason was, “Because they [AMU] didn’t provide us an actual bid, and they’re planning to start on the project on Monday,” he said. Walters planned to contact AMU the day after the school board meeting to discuss the bid, but work is still scheduled to begin on Monday, July 22nd.

Walters is fully in favor of the project “We want our fans to be safe. We’re going to use that track for the next 10 years,” he said