BVU Golf Course welcomes new coach, Lake Creek partnership

Monday, May 13, 2019

“We couldn’t be happier,” with the new relationship between Buena Vista University and Lake Creek Country Club, said club President Mike Wilson, telling the crowd that the partnership has been a fitting adaptation to help Lake Creek excel in its circumstances and environment.

In collaboration with new branding, the club will see a new logo, new signage and a much-needed clubhouse facelift, including a paint job.

Lake Creek will be 95 percent staffed with Buena Vista University connections for internships—but the most prominent recent hire is Joe Powell, BVU’s new full-time men’s golf coach who will also serve as the clubhouse manager at the 18-hole course.

All this is part of the 10-year marketing deal between the university and the course, initiated in March, that included naming rights to marry the two known community names.

“We will create an inviting, exciting, welcoming culture,” together under the new partnership, said Powell, as part of the new branding effort aims to elevate the school’s standing in the American Rivers Conference.

Powell said he plans to help push BVU higher up in the ranks, inviting with the prestige a “revitalized lifestyle.”

“We’re the only golf course in the country to invite beavers,” Wilson joked as he introduced the new coach. They’re hoping the Beavers prove to be an essential part of Storm Lake’s golf course ecosystem.

They’re the only Division 3 school to have their name on a golf course, according to Dr. Josh Merchant, President of BVU.

“We will be the envy of the American Rivers Conference,” he said. Merchant credits the idea to Brett Redenbaugh, analogizing the partnership to BVU’s “better together” relationship concept which was first coined with a required freshman class that encourages students to develop community projects in Storm Lake.

With the re-branding and partnership also comes a new social membership package being rolled out soon, Wilson said, for those who want to enjoy the social benefits of a country club membership but might not be the most avid golfers.

A new league point system, introduced by Head Baseball Coach Steve Eddie, will encourage more participation in tournaments and events. Lake Creek’s members will be playing for a trophy similar to the professional tour, with bonus points awarded to the top five in each flight.

A year-end banquet on Labor Day will announce the winner along with the top 10 finishers, where the winner will receive a grand prize and the top 10 will be entered into a drawing for a golf getaway in Galena, Ill.

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