Summer school making changes this year

Friday, May 3, 2019

The end of the school year is approaching fast in Alta-Aurelia, and with the break varying types of anxiety among parents, teachers and children.

This year, summer school will see some changes for those attending, ensuring they get a break too. “We’re changing the way we’re doing it completely,” said Stacy Mueller, Principal of Alta Elementary.

Last year’s summer school in the district ran Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the season. This year’s will run for two weeks after the end of the school year, and two weeks before the beginning of the next school year, giving teachers and students a break.

“All around, everyone comes back more refreshed, with time off in July, “Mueller said.

This year, about 40 students will be invited, paring the program down to only those mandated by state rules to attend summer school. Mueller said this will allow the elementary school to focus on beefing up reading comprehension and school testing scores, giving more attention to those in need of it.

Dates for summer school this year are June 10-20 and August 5-15. School will be in session during those periods on Monday through Thursday, 8:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Transportation, breakfast and lunch is provided for attending students.

But even if you child is not in summer school, remember to keep their mind active. The principal says reading every day is critical, even for just 20 minutes. Simple things like asking them math facts in the car or playing Monopoly can help them stay sharp in fun ways.

Just don’t forget to let kids be kids in the summer, she says.