State solo/ensemble students rank high and represent

Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Band students receiving I ratings  Row 1:  Christina Mai, Lyla Tuel, Alysson Hesselman, Chelsea Funk, Yeeshai Valdivia, Eddie Morales, Jessica Slight.  Row 2:  Beatriz Espino, Keyla Ek, Ariana Alvarado, Gabe Lesemann, Eric Ni, Simone Trocio, Jessi Baker, Sami Lalone, CheDer Ya Moo.  Row 3:  Dania Roque, Tiahna Burton, Billy Vang, Ssw Moo, Jackie Gomez, Raul Tejeda, Ethan Courter, Joe Langner Yarosevich, Santiago Moral.  Row 4:  Emma Kenkel, Luck Nicholson, Alex Goodman, Sandra Ramos, Denisse Balandran, Joey Chathanvisouk, Owen Lenzmeier, Ben Gallagher, Carter Shima, Ethan Gasner.  Row 5:  Katherine Ardon Zeron, Gabe Catarino, Raul Arevalo, Isaac Stone, Katrin Musel, Linda Lopez, Davion McDaniels, Briana Marroquin, Beauna Thammathai.  Standing:  Gerardo Rodriguez, Mariana Tejeda, Alayna Rice, Grant Gasner, Jaxon Burton, Reed Wunschel, Sarah Olson, Skylar Cole, Piyawan Luklam.
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The Storm Lake Music Department recently performed in the state IHSMA solo/ensemble contest held at Sioux City North High School.  Students performed for a judge and received a rating for their performance.  

Band Ratings:

Soloists receiving a division I rating (superior):  

Joe Langner Yarosevich, Sarah Olson, Sandra Ramos, Beauna Thammathai, Reed Wunschel, Denisse Balandran.

Ensembles receiving a

division I rating (superior):

Percussion Choir, Flute Choir, Woodwind Choir, Saxophone Choir, Brass Choir, French Horn Duet (Jessica Slight and Katrin Musel), Mixed Woodwind Duet (CheDer Ya Moo and Sarah Olson), Clarinet Duet (Eric Ni and Saw Moo), Mixed Woodwind Duet (Beauna Thammathai and Sandra Ramos), Flute Trio (Christina Mai, Lyla Tuel, CheDer Ya Moo).  

The Mixed Woodwind Duet made up of Beauna Thammathai and Sandra Ramos was chosen as outstanding performers in their center.  They will go on to perform in the state honors recital in May at ISU. 

Choir Ratings:

Soloists receiving a division I rating (superior): 

Linda Lopez, Davion McDaniels, Bea Walker, Maliyah Jensen, Yeeshai Valdivia, Aysia Thammathai.

Ensembles receiving a division I rating (superior)   Duet (Davion McDaniels and Sarah Olson).