Altan hits blood donation milestone

Friday, January 25, 2019
Greg Galvin of Alta, center, hit a milestone recently after donating 10 gallons of blood to LifeServe. It take about 80 pint-sized donations to donate that much blood, with a minimum wait of two months between each donation.

LifeServe Blood Center in Sioux City recognized Greg Galvin for his lifetime blood donation of 10 gallons.

“His donations alone have had the ability to save up to 240+ local lives,” said LifeServe representative Allison Wegner. “There is no substitute for blood!”

Galvin, who started donating in college, said he’s been going back every since for about 30 years.

Donating just one pint per visit, it would take someone over 13 years to reach that milestone if they went as often as physically allowed by Red Cross guidelines (every 56 days—about two months).

“It just feels like something I can do to help others,” Galvin said. “I am able, and people need it. I just hope I’m never the one that needs it.”

LifeServe is in critical need of type O- and A+ blood, with less than a two-day supply currently in stock. They are also in urgent need of O+, B- and B+ blood types.