14-year-old out to save the animals

Friday, January 11, 2019
Presenting a pet-saving unit at the Storm Lake Fire Station.

Brookelyn Bockelmann, 14, has an ambitious project to supply every fire department in Iowa with oxygen masks to revive pets rescued from fires. She was inspired by her love for animals and her dad, Don, who’s a firefighter.

A GoFundMe drive sparked a flame with $2,600 raised so far, and sponsor requests brought out a nationwide commercial to help fund the project.

Each mask costs $120, and there are 690 fire departments in Iowa, which makes for a lofty goal. The Plymouth County 8th grader has already facilitated donations to 14 fire departments. Nancy Thompson generously volunteered to donate $240 to supply Storm Lake and Alta’s fire departments.

The oxygen masks, which come in sets of varying sizes for different animals, go over the face to rescue dogs, cats, birds and gerbils.

Those interested in pitching in for the cause can visit gofundme.com/brookeso2masks

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