DC trip moving forward for A-A students

Friday, December 14, 2018

The Alta-Aurelia School Board gave the OK to move forward with the idea of taking current fifth through seventh graders on a field trip to Washington, D.C., in July 2020.

A representative from World Classrooms, the vendor that would potentially facilitate the trip, clarified some questions from the board. The vendor is currently being used for 45 schools in Iowa, plus more in South Dakota and Minnesota.

Action will be taken, making the final decision on whether the trip is a go and whether the grade range is who the board wants to offer the opportunity to.

The Board was reassured about safety with seamless representative and security presence with students throughout the four-day trip.

Reservations about the all-inclusive price of $1,789 lingered, though most agreed the trip offered an invaluable experience, particularly for those from families who canít afford to take everyone on vacation. Families could start making payments of $106 per month in January if the board approves next month. Member Nicky Sleezer raised concerns about the age range, saying seventh grade students in 2020 would not be able to appreciate the experience. She also thought having seventh grade girls with ninth grade boys in the same group would be inappropriate.

ďI think itís for parents to decide when their kids are old enough to go,Ē member Gigi Nelson replied, reiterating the formula the travel vendor has used with success in other schools consistently. The range of students may change with the boardís action in January.