Alta City Council wraps up 2018 in short meeting

Friday, December 7, 2018

Alta City Council tied up some loose ends in its last meeting of the year Monday in what may have been a record length for a short meeting. Here are some of the highlights.

Marge Neuleb came back to the board with new plans for the cabinet display planned for the community building, resolving council members’ previous disapprovals. In November, council members disapproved of the glass design out of concern for safety in high-volume activity area. They also did not care for the pine shelving, which one member said looked “cheap,” despite the $500 Neuleb spent on it.

The new oak design takes into account the concerns, and will have new dimensions that eliminate safety and space concerns.

City Council approved Jerry Kolpin to fill a vacancy on the Library Board. His term will expire at the end of June 2023.

Regular reports from city departments were remarkably quiet this month. The Sheriff’s Department reported “quite a few” traffic stops last month, numbering 31 over 363 hours of service. Over 200 calls were fielded, including one that wrapped up a burglary on a shop near Casey’s apprehending three suspects.

City Clerk Megan Peterson reported the Fire Department is hoping to have their truck delivered mid-December.

The Council voted to approve a rent increase on the shelter house from $50 to $75, but compromised on requests for fee waivers and reductions.

In response to a request from Alta-Aurelia High School to waive the rental fee on the community building for an art show, City Council granted a special price of 50 percent off. Councilor Vi Tilk was concerned about backlash similar to the last time the city requested half of the fee for the school’s usage of the building. The motion for 50 percent off, made by Denny Weber, passed unanimously with three members present.

The Sheriff Reserves also made a request for a reduction in rent for the building. They were granted half-price, too.

The City Council will be returning in January with more ideas to remodel the community building’s annex as a rentable living area. “This design is the best design to utilize as much as possible without knocking down too many walls and stuff,” said Mayor Al Clark, looking at a preliminary blueprint. Clark suggested carpeting two bedrooms and using vinyl plank for the rest of the apartment.

The remodel has been part of a larger city effort to make its properties more profitable.

Now, you can buy your booze in town on Sunday; Casey’s was granted a liquor license including Sunday sales.

The next Alta City Council meeting will be on Monday, January 7.