Post-election audit held

Monday, December 3, 2018

On Thursday, November 15, 2018, Buena Vista County conducted its first post-election audit under a new law designed to monitor and protect election processes. Iowa law now requires that after each general election, the Secretary of State will choose, at random, one precinct in each Iowa county to be audited. County Auditors must then supervise a hand count of the ballots from that precinct and compare the results from the presidential or gubernatorial election, depending on the year, to the voting machine count from election night.

Three citizens from Buena Vista County, each registered as members of either the Democratic or Republican political parties, met at the Courthouse in Storm Lake to conduct a post-election audit of the votes cast at the Storm Lake 04 Precinct at the November 6, 2018 General Election. As required in the law, the Auditorís Office notified the county chairs of both of the two major political parties. The Buena Vista County Democratic Party Chair, as well as the County Auditor and Elections Clerk, were in attendance.

In Buena Vista County, the Secretary of State chose Storm Lake 04 Precinct to be audited, which votes at Chautauqua Park Shelterhouse, where 411 votes were cast. Both the machine count from the ballot tabulator results tape generated at the polls on election night and the hand count on Thursday morning by the Audit Board showed the following breakdown: Reynolds, 156. Hubbell, 235. Porter, 16. Siegwarth, 2. Write-in, 0. Undervotes, 2. Overvotes, 0. Total, 411.

Buena Vista County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections Susan Lloyd reports that the results matched exactly, and stated that this is the outcome all voters and election officials should expect, and should strengthen the confidence Buena Vista County voters have in the integrity of the election process. Extensive testing of the ballot tabulators is conducted by the Auditorís Office in advance of every election to assure that the tabulators are accurately recording the votes from the paper ballots.

Questions about the post-election audit and other election matters may be directed to the County Auditorís Office at 712-749-2542.