City has offer on property

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Storm Lake city officials have revealed that they have a potential buyer and an “active offer” for city-owned land just beyond the golf course and Lakeside Blacktop.

The city council acted to rezone the property to commercial to make way for development, but officials had previously said only that some interest had been shown.

Planned is a $6-8 million development with 16 jobs added, with hopes of closing the site purchase by the end of the year. City Manager Keri Navratil declined to reveal what kind of business would be using the property. “It will fit into a commercial location. It will be a nice building there, and could include offices,” she said. A 30-day comment period would be required before the city could complete the sale.

The council approved of a conditional use permit as part of the rezoning, that would allow the Planning and Zoning Board some leeway for quick approvals necessary for construction.

The business would use seven to 10 acres of the land, which totals about 38 acres, and the city hopes to see additional developments in the area. “This would be the first anchor business for the site, and it will allow us to get sewer and utilities extended to the area,” Navratil said.

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