Alta Kiwanis Notes

Friday, November 2, 2018

Aimee Barritt from BV County Management spoke to us on Tuesday morning. Aimee works with responders, schools, and the public whenever a natural disaster occurs. Disasters range from tornados, fires, floods etc.

This year’s heavy rains caused major flooding in the state and county. Record flooding at Little Sioux Dam resulted in structural damage to the Dam. Aimee said she makes requests for funds to pay for repairs after an assessment is made of damages.

A declaration of disaster made by the Governor of Iowa may be made if a county suffers $75,000 in losses or the whole state of Iowa if damages exceed $4.5 million. FEMA money is available in such cases. Basement flooding in residential ares is also covered. Loss coverage includes replacing costs for carpeting, furnace, beds, bedding etc. Repairs and fixes are done before you can submit requests for aid from state or Federal funds.