Preschool doing well in new location

Friday, November 2, 2018

Alta’s preschool is adjusting well to its new location in Alta Elementary School, says Superintendent Lynn Evans.

The new location, in what was the school’s tornado safe room, is proving to be adequate for the school’s needs with added benefits.

Traffic and flow is working well, and staff at the school are now all in one place, keeping the school physically and socially connected. “Teachers appreciate being with other faculty,” Evans said.

Pre-K students number 48 total this year (with 36 from Alta.) The school is close to capacity, but Evans said they could take a few more kids if they needed to.

The preschool’s old location in the old high school has been filled by a lease partnership with Ready, Set, GROW! which is helping to fill the community’s desperate need for more daycare spots.

“We’re trying, as a school, to help solve the problem of lack of daycare,” said the superintendent.

New procedures for pick-up and drop-off at the preschool have proved helpful. “Valet service” now has staff escort kids out of cars for parents, which keeps traffic flowing more smoothly than the system that made parents park and walk their child in.

Children attending will also have the added benefit of a smooth transition to kindergarten. Now, from age 4 to age 5, kids won’t have much of a transition to make. The biggest part of that transition for students is often the change of setting

With playground and building familiarity, Evans says one major contributor to anxiety for kindergarteners is mitigated.

Other benefits include access to services with a principal, school guidance counselor and behavior interventionist on sight. Preschool teachers can coordinate with kindergarten teachers to vertically align with kindergarten expectations and programming.

“Right now our main goal is aligning vertically,” Evans said. Great curriculum designed for early childhood and preschool was already in place, so it was simply a matter moving to a new location.