Rock Bottom is still tops in Alta’s heart

Friday, October 19, 2018
Rock Bottom recreated band photos taken 11 years ago over the weekend on the same street in Alta where it all started. This is the picture taken in 2007.

After some tough negotiations, teen boy band Rock Bottom agreed to make a comeback tour stop in Alta for Kim Walsh’s 60th birthday party at Scooter’s over the weekend—remaking the memories they made for her 50th birthday in 2008.

Drummer and vocalist Gabe Walsh said he still finds the name fitting, as they screamed into the mic enough times. He reports that the Saturday night gig was even more fun than the band’s peak over a decade ago with gigs, from the Alta Pool and Buena Vista County Fair to the courthouse lawn in Storm Lake and even a gig at a bar in Ames (Capone’s, which has since closed.)

They came back out of the shadows to jam out one more time, with sounds inspired by Lit, Green Day and Blink 182. Friends and family enjoyed originals like “Get in the Car” and “Gravel Road” to a Busch Lite keg.

This is the photo taken this year.

The band started in 2006 with just a few adolescents, working around busy academic, sports and work schedules to jam out a few times a week in the Walsh basement.

Gabe and Robert Maharry, who knew each other from church, added bass guitarist Chris Glienke, guitarist Adam Parcel and lead vocalist Robbie Sauter to the band as they progressed.

“If something good comes out of it, that’s fine, if not, we can say we had a good time doing it,” guitarist Maharry said in a interview with the Pilot-Tribune in 2007.

“It was just one of those things,” Gabe said, “just a fun thing that nobody else had really done.”

The boys have since gone on to pursue successful careers and engagements. Maharry is an editor for The Grundy Register. Gabe just passed the Iowa state bar exam and has started working as a defense attorney for Stowers and Sarcone law firm in West Des Moines. He recently got engaged to his fiancé, Logan Kunzman.

Most of them didn’t pursue music professionally, but their love for it still lives on.

They group discovered that some of them hadn’t talked to each other in years. Despite that, Gabe said they picked up exactly where they left off, rekindling old friendships as they jammed to new bars.

“For me, playing music this weekend with everybody was great,” said Sauter. But for him, the best part of the weekend was just being able to talk to everybody and see where life has taken them.

“It was like reopening the year book,” Gabe said.