Randy Ericksen fundraiser reminder

Friday, October 19, 2018

Trinity Lutheran, First Presbyterian and Alta United Methodist Churches will host a pancake fundraiser breakfast and silent auction this Sunday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Alta Elementary School’s cafeteria to benefit community leader Randy Ericksen.

Ericksen suffered from a stroke August 26. You may know Randy from his work for the Park Board, speaking to Alta City Council, or directing shows with Touch of Broadway.

Whether he’s planning the next park, singing, serving as the organist for three different churches in Alta—or as secretary for six—it’s no secret that he is irreplaceably woven into Alta’s community fabric.

“Randy has been here for so long that he knows everybody,” said Pastor Denise Parrillo of First Presbyterian and Trinity Lutheran churches in Alta. She said Randy is Alta’s go-to person for anyone wanting to know how to get something done or who to contact.

“We ground to a halt when he disappeared,” Parrillo said, telling the Pilot-Tribune that Alta is still bumping into things that would’ve been done had Randy been around to take care of them—things they didn’t realize he did.

He’s integral to every church he is a part of, according to Pastor Kim Dewey of Alta United Methodist Church. Alta’s Methodist church is part of a four-point parish, adding three other churches to Randy’s résumé. “He breathes life into church and shares his gift,” she said, “always there to share a smile or offer a prayer at any time.”

The fundraiser will help Randy with unexpected items like medical bills, living expenses and lost income during his recovery time. Randy has been making quick strides in his recovery, Parillo reports.

“I think it’s just phenomenal that so many people have come together so quickly,” Dewey said. “There were folks that immediately jumped up and said, ‘let’s do this.”

And that is a testimony to how many people Randy has touched in his life in the small community, adding quality to residents’ lives in a town with a population just shy of 2,000.

“There are people who wanted to do something to help and let Randy know that they care and encourage him through this difficuult time,” Parrillo said. “And there’s only so many frozen dinners he can put in his freezer.”

She says Randy never tracks his hours, because he always works however long it takes to get the job done. “Getting things done is important to him,” she said.

“The tough times are the ones that show you what people are made of,” Parrillo said. In honor of Randy’s service to Alta, they’re pulling together to make sure he pulls through.