St. Mary’s Healthy Walk Iowa

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Storm Lake St. Mary’s School participated in the Healthy Walk Iowa event Wednesday with a little help from their friends. Genesis Development walked with the student body and donated water bottles for all of the students.

Buena Vista University President Josh and Carrie Merchant of Buena Vista University, Head Football Coach Grant Mollring, football players, and staff members from BVU all walked with the student body as part of their homecoming activities. Storm Lake Public Safety Department School Resource Officer Keegan Svendsen participated and greeted the students also.

Very special guests were Buford the Beaver and the St. Mary’s Panther mascot that greeted the students and fired them up for the big event. St. Mary’s School Chaplain Fr. Michael Cronin gave the group a blessing and prayer before they headed out for the mile long walk.

The event was coordinated by health/physical education educator Derek Varner.

After the walk, the students and staff assembled in the school gym where the students participated in the “Beaver Train” cheer and presented the BVU representatives with a good luck poster for their homecoming game.