Council: beyond the bills

Friday, October 5, 2018

As I watched what I expected to be a routine rubber-stamping of a change order boosting the cost of a sewer project turn into a bit of drama this week [see article, page 1A], it took me by suprise, though it shouldnít have.

Since he was elected to Storm Lake City Council, council member Tyson Rice has never been shy about questioning expenditures.

Indeed, when dealing with local government business, it becomes routine to talk of large amounts of money as if they are only figures on a ledger. But, may of our good local elected officials know, itís not their money - and they have to be good conservators of the publicís resources, as one would be with their own household budget.

Riceís vote put a halt to accepting a finished project and paying the contractor for all of the work, so will have to be re-addressed. But, that will allow opportunity for a closer examination of the work done and the necessity for it, and perhaps serve as a message that the city will not cavalierly accept whatever added charges are put in front of it.