Asian students present their culture to Alta-Aurelia High School

Friday, September 28, 2018
Hserku Htoo tried to fit a traditional Karen woman’s garment onto an unsuspecting student. /Photo by Elijah Decious

Eighth grade students presented the richness of their native Asian cultures to Mr. Schaefer’s high school geography class in Alta Wednesday.

Hserku Htoo, a Karen, Lisa Pham from Vietnam, Khwankhao Muadotton from Thailand and Angela Rasasy from Laos showed Alta students the various Asian cultures assimilated in Storm Lake.

Students were fascinated to see customs like neck-lengthening rings for women in Karen culture, or celebrations like Lunar New Year in Vietnam where elders give red envelopes of money to children.

“Everyone thinks we’re Chinese,” said Pham. “Or that we eat cats and dogs,” replied Htoo, some of the biggest misconceptions they deal with around here.