Lavish Nail Bar brings more competition to Storm Lake

Monday, August 6, 2018
Owners Tommy Ho and Connie Lai, on left, with their staff. / Pilot photos by Elijah Decious.

Connie Lai and her husband Tommy Ho think they nailed it with their modern take on the hot new spot for manicures and pedicures in town.

Lavish Nail Bar, a couple doors down from the Dollar Tree on Lake Avenue, brings a modern experience in nail care and luxury to Storm Lake. Its Sioux City owners, with a combined 20 years in the industry, saw an opening on the ground level for their business in a growing, robust town.

"Storm Lake is a growing town, maybe into a city," Ho said. "We'd like to bring a modern touch to this town." The first-generation immigrant owners see a lot of potential in Storm Lake, particularly with the presence of colleges and the level of diversity.

"We want to accommodate people's needs as the town grows," Lai said. Lavish features the biggest, cleanest, and most modern facility, according to the owners. "Everything is disposable," Lai said," so we don't reuse any equipment," eliminating the risk for bacterial infections not unheard of from nail salon treatments with unsanitary practices.

Another feature, they say, is that all employees speak English well. "Most of the places here, there is a language barrier," Ho said. "It's hard to communicate."

Basic services start at $28 and go up according to your needs. You can even enjoy some Rosť while you pick a shade of rose from their custom line of gel polishes for your toes.

"We can do pretty much everything trendy like you'd see on Instagram or Pinterest," Lai said. "It's an escape to relax when you need to take time off from your kids or work. Customers walk out really happy."

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