Local inventor receives patent

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Edgar Hosiel Leon Equivel holding his official patent and the prototype for his anti-rollover automotive design.

Local inventor Edgar Hosiel Leon Esquivel has received a patent for an anti-rollover automotive design.

The H-shaped base is mounted to the vehicle. An electric motor with a rotatable axis powers a metal disk coupled to the axis of the electric motor. The rotation of the metal disk stabilizes the vehicle through centrifugal force.

Esquivel, who got the idea from his father five years ago, finally was able to apply for the patent in January 2017 after being able to navigate the patent application process with the help of an attorney he could afford and trust. He received the patent on December 19.

Building a prototype is always difficult, he said. "When you build a prototype, there are no pieces so you have to use your imagination to put the pieces together." A native of Mexico, he attended college for engineering in Mexico City. He has lived in Storm Lake for 10 years.

In a demonstration, he shows the difference between when the device is on and off. When the invention is off, the prototype lands on its back or side when kicked. When on, the prototype always lands its wheels. He said this invention will prevent vehicle rollovers and save lives when put it's put to use.

He hopes this invention and investment of his talent will be picked up my manufacturers. Esquivel said his inspiration for the invention is the protection of life--much like how airbags and seatbelts minimize the risks of an accident. "I drive all the time for my business," he said. "It's sad when you see people dying on the ground." Seeing accidents has motivated him to find things to help people survive accidents.

"My mother always called me Einstein when I was little," he said, laughing. Esquivel said he would love to pursue inventing things full time when he is able to, but for now his photography and computer repair business, Buena Vista Video, is what pays the bills. Other patents, such as an automatic headlight glare-reduction device, are in the works.

"This is my gift to Storm Lake," he said, saying he simply hopes to put the town that has invested so much in him and his family on the map.

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