AC-T teacher receives Excellence in Education Award

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
Julie Bjork

Julie Bjork, technology teacher/coordinator at Albert City-Truesdale Elementary School, recently received the Excellence in Education award from ISEA UniServ Unit 10.

Julie is an educator who continually demonstrates excellence in the classroom and always puts students first. As technology coordinator, she is constantly making sure that students and staff have the best technology resources to make the most of their learning and teaching. She keeps all the school’s technology – computers, smart boards, iPads, etc. up and running smoothly. She makes sure her school is always up to date with the latest developments in technology.

Last summer Julie updated the school’s website, which is used by students, staff and families. She has encouraged each teacher to develop their own web page to link to the website, and keeps the website up to date with current information such as late starts/early outs due to weather, special events being held at school, or anything else the community needs to know.

Julie is AC-T’s JMC student record software manager. She assists our administrative assistant to make sure all hot lunch reporting is done correctly. She also is involved with much of the student reporting our school does to the DE.

Along with teaching technology classes to all students K-6, Julie is the editor of the school newsletter which goes out to all patrons of the school district. She includes the 6th grade students as “reporters” for the newsletter, and they all have writing assignments for each edition, which allows the students to use their technology and writing skills in a “real world” situation.

Mrs. Bjork can be counted on to help with any extra projects students or teachers may need assistance with. For example, she has helped many 6th graders develop National History Day projects, creating documentaries or websites. She has also volunteered to serve as a judge for the District Event. She develops power points for our annual Grandparents Day and Veterans Day programs, highlighting the grandparents of our students and our local veterans.

Julie Bjork is an educator who demonstrates Excellence in Education every day as she works for students and her fellow teachers at AC-T.