Sac County 4-H members create golden pepper jelly

Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Isabella Kischer of Sac City squeezes the juice from the yellow bell peppers and serrano chile peppers through a cheesecloth after cooking them on the stove as her partner Ella Adams of Sac City works on cleaning the dishes. / Photo submitted

Four Sac County 4-H members learned how to make golden pepper jelly during Christmas break at the East Sac County Middle School.

The youth learned the difference between a hot water bath and pressure canner, how to properly use the hot water bath, the names of the utensils when how water bathing and they followed the recipe to make a golden pepper jelly.

They also learned the Iowa State Hotline number as the recipe didnít quite come out as it should have and the phone operators were able to help the youth figure out the problem and continue to process their product. The youth walked away after four hours with their finished fair ready project for the 2018 Sac County Fair. For more information about the Jelly Workshop or about joining Sac County 4-H please contact Steph Erpelding at the Sac County Extension and Outreach Office at 712-662-7131 or email Watch for more upcoming workshops including a quilt making workshop.