Former Ridge View standout Kenny is an All-American on and off field

Wednesday, December 6, 2017
Former Ridge View standout and current cross country/track athlete for Morningside, Jason Kenny, has found himself as an All-American on and off the field during his tenure at the college.
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Sometimes in life people can find what they’re good at and make something of themselves. They are able to take their skill, their talent, and help propel them to a good school to get a good education. For former Ridge View cross country and track stand out Jason Kenny, he has been able to use his running ability for the past four years at Morningside College to help his education and become an All-American on and off the field.

Kenny recalled other kids from the area going to Morningside when he was coming up in the high school ranks and remembered how good the Mustangs runing seasons were.

He remembers being a “solid runner” in high school and went to State cross country three times through his Raptor career, his sophomore through senior campaigns. Kenny wasn’t exactly sure but remembered his best place coming in his junior season which was around 30th place.

“I had some solid, not great, times running at State,” he said.

Kenny also went to State track for the Raptors, mostly competing in the relay events such as the 4x400 and the 4x800. His experiences at the high school level helped him get ready to run at Morningside as he signed his letter of intent on May 7, 2014. However, despite his accomplishments at the high school level, there was still a lot to learn once he moved on to Morningside.

“Freshman year was an eye opener. There was a huge increase in the mileage,” Kenny said. “We didn’t run this much in high school and the miles slowly kept increasing through my time at Morningside.”

The cross country team would start in June and slowly work their way through 50 miles a week through the season which came to a conclusion in early November. To start his senior season, Kenny was off to a slow start due to a foot injury. He was suffering from sesamoiditis, a condition that some runners get that causes pain in the ball of the foot.

“Cross country went well this year. I had to battle through an injury that slowed my progress at the start of the season,” he said. “The team and I kept on getting better. Working out was harder and I had to test my endurance.”

The injury didn’t slow Kenny down as he took ninth place at the Great Plains Athletic Conference meet with a time of 26:46. He was the lone Morningside runner to get a top 10 finish at the 2017 conference meet.

Kenny was signed to more than just cross country as he also participates in both indoor and outdoor track. He had to get used to running in the winter during his freshman season as he was a wrestler for the Raptors during the cold season in high school.

He does take some time off between the cross country and track seasons before diving in to the new season. Kenny stated that the times have gotten better through his career and has been to the Indoor National meet twice in his career already. As a sophomore, he competed in the distance medley relay as the 1200 leg. Last year he competed in the open 1000 and finished eighth overall to become an All-American.

“It was something I hoped to do but expected it as a senior. I have a great group of guys that I run with,” Kenny said. “I saw my hard work pay off.”

He also stated he hopes to be an All-American again this season and wants to get back to the indoor nationals while improving his times.

In the classroom when he’s not running, Kenny is an Agricultural & Food Studies major and the education is one of the reasons why he selected Morningside.

“They have great professors there. They get to know you and they care about the grades and want you to learn,” he said.

As his senior year comes to an end soon, Kenny isn’t certain what his future will hold. He’s looking his the Ag field for a career as he prepares his jump into the “real world.” Kenny stated that he isn’t sure if he’ll keep running after the college.

In his spare time, he enjoys hanging out with his friends, as they go out and bowl, play darts or just have a good time.

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