Local women leaders coach female SHS students

Wednesday, November 1, 2017
SHS junior and senior women met with local professionals to work on business skills such as confidence building before an interview, how to properly shake hands and dressing appropriately for a business setting. Precision Leadership Group Leadership Facilitator Treva Graves spoke to the students on the importance of professionalism and how to develop leadership skills. One tip from her speech was to make sure to practice a proper handshake. / Photo by Colin Van Westen

Spencer High School hosted local women leaders to coach female SHS students on the importance of professionalism and leadership skills Wednesday morning.

The morning started out with SHS junior and senior women gathering in the auditorium to hear Precision Leadership Group Leadership Facilitator Treva Graves speak on topics ranging from building leadership skills to appropriate dress in the work place.

“I would say I think their eyes were opened today,” Graves said. “I think I talked about things they weren’t necessarily aware of, especially in how they dress. Work has a different set of expectations and they need to know what those expectations are.”

One of the things Graves said was most important was developing confidence as a young woman.

“I think the thing for me was confidence,” Graves said. “Confidence takes time to build as you mature and you get better at that with age. Being a young person lacking confidence, I worked with a mentor and practiced a lot. Having a lack of confidence is difficult. I think a lot of young people today don’t have it and don’t know how to get it. So surrounding yourself with people who can help you, trust you and can act as a mentor is important.”

While the young women focused on leadership, leadership was also a topic discussed throughout the school. It was an early out day so the students got out at 12:30 p.m. and did not attend regular classes. Instead, they stayed in their homerooms and discussed leadership.

“We want our young ladies as well as our young men to take on leadership roles and to grow as individuals,” SHS Career Coordinator Liz Kluver said. “We also want them to take from those who have been there before and start now, not wait until they are out of school. We want them to start to embody those roles and characteristics.”

Kluver pointed out SHS has many opportunities for students to take leadership roles.

“We encourage leaders in the extra curricular activities. So we encourage in sports, students to be captains,” Kluver said. “We also have leadership roles in student council, national honor society, mock trial, FFA and business club. We also want leaders in the classroom. We want students to step-up and be that leader who continues the conversation.”