ICCC hosts annual Career Day

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

On October 19, Iowa Central Community College will host its annual Career Day for approximately 1,500 students from 14 high schools. Those included are Alta-Aurelia, Clarion­Goldfield-Dows, East Sac, Greene County, Manson Northwest-Webster, Newell-Fonda, Paton­ Churdan, Pocahontas, Sioux Central, South Central Calhoun, South Hamilton, St. Mary’s, Storm Lake and Webster City. The theme for this year’s Career Day is “The Game of Life.”

The day is split up by grade to address each of their career exploration needs. The freshman and sophomores day is arranged so that they will explore careers with similar skillsets. Juniors and seniors will explore a specific career and are given an opportunity to connect with business professionals related to their career interest.

The Career Day highlights informational sessions to help prepare the students as they plan for their future career. Freshman and sophomores attend a session on social media and learn from business professionals the impact that negative information can have as they search for ajob.

Juniors and seniors will participate in a game show entitled, “The Job,’ mirrored after the popular show, “The Voice.” Contestants answer an interview question to a group of judges who cannot see them. A judge has a chance to turn around if they like the answer given. A final question is asked of all winning contestants and a student lands “The Job.”

Iowa Central Community College is fortunate to partner with over 100 different business and industry professionals in our region to make this career day possible for students.

The Career Day is an important day to highlight to our local students the types of skills that employers demand for certain careers. These business partnerships are instrumental in providing a day that can shape our future workforce and give the students’ insight to their future career.