WITCC challenges stereotypes

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Western Iowa Tech Community College (WITCC) is excited to host The Human LibraryTM on Tuesday, October 3, from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the library and would like to invite the community to join in reading.

The Human LibraryTM is a library of Human Books - individuals, that each represent a group in the community that are somehow exposed to stigma, prejudice and/or discrimination and want to share their stories. Patrons become readers by taking a person out on loan for a conversation on the topic/issue they represent. I.E. the Police Officer would talk about stereotypes and prejudices that police officers meet in their job and answer any question the reader may have about this topic.

The Human LibraryTM aims to build a safe conversational space, where difficult questions are expected, appreciated and, hopefully, answered by the Human Book on loan. It was developed to challenge societal prejudices wherever and for whatever reasons they occur, and to help people form a better understanding of those with whom they share their communities.

Conversations are offered for a duration of thirty minutes and this is not a storytelling session, but rather an experience sharing with built-in Q&A. The outcome of the session and direction of the talk is dependent on what the readers asks about.

And it is the privilege of both parties, that they can end the conversation at any point they may wish.

Several WITCC students, staff and community members have volunteered to share their unique perspectives, one-on-one, and give the reader a chance to learn from their life experience.

The human book topics include: Planned Parenthood Employee, Human Trafficking Survivor, Parents of Autistic Child, Atheist: Nothing to Die For, Recovering Drug Addict and Felon, From Iran to WITCC, Adoptive Parents and more.

For more information about this event contact Teresa McElroy, LlSW at 712-274-8733 ext. 1293 or teresa.mcelroy@witcc.edu. Information about The Human LibraryTM is available online.