Alta-Aurelia School Board Review IASB Legislative Resolutions

Monday, August 21, 2017

The Alta-Aurelia Board of Education discussed student achievement and accountability at Monday, August 14’s Board Meeting.

The first priority was the preschool directive which supports an increase in funding from the current weighting of .5 to 1. full time equivalent to ensure 4-year olds have access to a high quality public preschool program. Districts should be given maximum flexibility to assign costs to the program.

School Funding is also an important issue. This policy supports a school foundation formula that provides sufficient and timely funding to meet education goals; equalizes per pupil funding; provides a funding mechanism for transportation costs that reduces the pressure on the general fund and addresses inequities between school districts; includes factors based on changes in demographics including socio-economics status, remedial programing, and enrollment challenges; incorporates categorical funding in the formula within three years; and includes a mix of property taxes and state aid.

Area Education Agencies are high on the list because they support sufficient financial support of area agencies to provide essential services in a cost-effective manner including: special education, technology, professional development, curriculum assessment and student assessment data analysis.

The Secure an Advanced Vision for Education (SAVE) is important for school infrastructure. It supports the repeal of the December 31, 2029 sunset on the statewide penny sales tax for school infrastructure. It supports preserving the integrity of the statewide penny sales tax for school infrastructure including the tax equity provision in the following manner: No diversions or expansions of allowable uses priority to the current 2029 sunset date and continued growth in the per pupil amount beyond 2029 sunset date.

Honorable mentions go out to Baseball Coach Dan Wendel who was selected to be a coach on the All State Baseball team for Small Western Schools. Jordan Wendel, catcher, was selected to play on the All State Baseball team for Small Western School who won first in their bracket. Abby Kraemer, pitcher was select ed for 1st team in the All State Softball Team in the Small Western School Division and Lily Peterson was chosen for 2nd All State Softball Team.

The Board accepted the bid as discussed in the July board meeting to resurface the entire parking area in Aurelia at a cost of $14,823.

Both districts will participate in random drug testing for bus drivers at a cost of $90 per driver.

The Board discussed the replacement of the orbital floor scrubber in Alta. The current scrubber is over 10 years old and is no longer able to strip floors. It was repaired this school year and it is in need of additional repairs after heavy summer use this summer.

The machine is used year around, most heavily in the summer months for stripping and re-waxing the floors. Cost for a comparable unit Nobles Brand from Central Iowa Distribution would be $6,098. The Board voted to approve the purchase.

The Board approved setting the milage reimbursement same as the IRS milage reimbursement of 53.5 per mile. This will be the first year of a completely new teacher handbook for Alta teachers.

It was developed with the input from teacher representatives and includes language that was eliminated from the master contracts per the new Iowa Collective Bargaining laws.

Jeannie Henningsen was appointed as alternative check authorization. Change orders were tabled for labor for tile, carpet and labor and for cement work for the sidewalk. The Board wanted to get further estimates before taking action.

Approval was given to pay L&L Builders $253,105.64 for work done so far on the school.

The Board approved Instructional Support Program for Aurelia sunsets this fiscal year.

They will begin the reauthorization process with the September meeting. Alta’s sunsets end of fiscal year 2019. The outcome of the reorganization vote will determine if and when they address Alta’s board approved ISL.

All the principals reported everything is falling into place to prepare for the upcoming school year. Now all they need are the students. Class enrollment is up over previous year.

Resignations were accepted for Middle School Football Coach Louis DeRoos and Assistant High School Basketball Coach Josie Parker. Contracts were offered to John Walls for High School Science and Middle School Boys’ Basketball; Jeff Boelter for Middle School Football Coach; and cooks positions to Mandy Leonard, Beth Hammer and Erica Gomez.

Discussion was held on the Public Hearings about the school consolidation. At the Alta meeting there was no public that attended. It is hoped Aurelia turn out is better.

The next regular board meeting will be September 18. This will be the year end and final reports. The meeting will be held with the existing school board then closed and open with the newly elected school board.